bad food and snakes snake charmerWhat do Bad Food & Snakes have to do with jewelry?
We have traveled through India using different modes of transport, but have found that the best way to explore the country is to hire a car and a driver. This way the taxi is always ready for the next adventure.  The drivers have to be available at all times and are not to make decisions about where to stop for lunch, as they will always take you to an expensive tourist area so they can get a commission for taking you there. 

As we were traveling through Rajasthan , we were getting hungry and asked to stop at the next restaurant.  Our driver stopped at the next place, jumped out of the car, ran into the restaurant, came back out and said “No, no, no!! We cannot eat there”. We asked “Why?”  He said  “They have bad food and snakes!”   We just started laughing and went into the restaurant to see for ourselves. Thus the name was born.

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